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Township councillors cost ratepayers about $167k in 2017

Posted February 13, 2018

Adjala Tosorontio council was paid a combined $166,983 in salaries, benefits and expenses in 2017, according to the annual statement of remuneration and expenses.

The total remuneration was $158,082 which includes the basic salaries, benefits, and extra meetings.

Mayor Mary Small Brett, topped out at $32,062, including her annual salary of $17,537 and $7,490 in benefits. Deputy Mayor Doug Little was next with a total package of $28,398, including the annual salary of $14,801 and $7,469 in benefits.

Ward 4's Dave Rose rang in as the top earning councillor at $22,624, including the base salary of $12,557 and $7,185 in benefits. Ward 2 councillor Ambrose Keenan, $22,385; Ward 3 councillor Bob Meadows, $21,756; Ward 1 councillor Floyd Pinto, $21,347; and Ward 5 councillor Scott Anderson, $18,410.

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