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Path to new AUPS expected to be ready for September opening

Posted June 3, 2014

Approval to build five model homes to kick-off a 24 unit residential subdivision by Copperglen and Delwood Estates includes a sidewalk along the east side of Church Street North for pedestrian access to the new Alliston Union Public School (AUPS) during construction.

Alliston Horizons

A safe access way for students moved to the top of the priority list because of concerns children would cut through the construction area between Hussey Street and Burt Avenue to reach the new school on Church Street North. A new condition to the draft plan of subdivision sets the developer on a timeline to install the sidewalk prior to Aug. 22. Currently, the new school construction is approximately a week or so behind schedule.

The Copperglen development, while small in numbers, is significant in that once completed, that last piece of Church Street will be open, providing a continuous road from the north end of Alliston through to Industrial Parkway. Evans Road will also between connected between Burt Avenue and Hussey.

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