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Beeton silos
Submitted photo
Beeton's skyline is changing permanently with the start of demolition today of the decades old grain silos on Dayfoot Street. Three new residential lots, plus the original parcel will replace them.

Updated - demolition underway in Beeton

Posted December 10 - Council's decision last night to force a condition on a development agreement that did not initially bind Beeton Woods to carry out a pre-demolition survey prior to removing five abandoned grain silos from 102 Dayfoot did not stop this morning's demolition to begin. Beeton Woods had secured a demolition permit, and hired Priestly Demolition to remove and dispose of the remains which was a condition of sale when it purchased the property from the Town. Priestly's demolition portfolio includes multi-million dollar projects at Pearson Airport, and the Eaton Centre parking garage. Ward 6 councillor Richard Norcross who pushed the notion of making the pre-survey a requirement said this afternoon. "I just left the site and at home now following up on my earlier calls."

Beeton silos
The five abandoned silos on Dayfoot Street in Beeton are poised to come down, but their proximity to nearby homes is causing concern from residents and councillors.

Development agreement amended to force pre-demolition survey in Beeton

Posted December 10, 2013

The pending demolition of five abandoned grain silos at 102 Dayfoot Street that were most recently owned by the Town (tax arrears) but sold to a Maple based interest called Beeton Woods Ltd, will be slowed by an amended requirement in the development agreement for the proponent to carry out a pre-demolition survey before proceeding.

Beeton Woods purchased the property, which had been listed for $150,000, and is creating three residential lots, plus the retained lot. The property was sold "as is" and one of the key conditions building approvals is the removal of the silos.

New Tecumseth's Chief Building Official (CBO) John Miller told councillors last night that a demolition permit has been issued and Beeton Woods has hired Priestly Demolition to carry out the project. But Mr. Miller noted that Priestly has advised its client that the houses in the vicinity are far enough away from the structures that a pre survey was not necessary.

"The development agreement said they should consider doing a pre demolition survey, however Priestly construction - and Priestly has been in the business over 40 years, and they're a very is a reputable company - have said in an email to Beeton Woods Ltd that the houses are sufficiently back, there shouldn't be any problems," said Mr. Miller.

Rick Vatri, Director of Engineering, confirmed the development agreement as structured could not compel the preliminary survey - which would determine the mitigating measures needed to protect adjacent properties from damage through issues like flying debris, and dust control.

"Under the development agreement, because this was going through a demolition permit, we couldn't require it, but it was more of a recommendation to the owner, and I guess to the building department that it should be considered as part of that process," said Mr. Vatri. "As far as the demolition permit, they are required to have their own liability insurance and that liability insurance would cover any problems."

Mr. Miller added, "there's nothing in the Building Code Act that says it has to be done, and the residential houses are not abutting the property. The South Simcoe Railway land is between the silos' property and the residences behind them. So it got issued and we do have their liability insurance."

Ward 7 councillor Richard Norcross said he wanted the CBO's and engineering department report delivered to the neighbouring residents so they can read all the requirements, and also include a phone number to deal with troubleshooting issues. However, he also wanted a mechanism in place that would require the pre-demolition survey.

"I think this is an accident that's going to happen, and I think we should protect ourselves, as well the demolition outfit should protect themselves," said Mr. Norcross. "We've heard from the people that live there and, those silos are pretty close to those homes, I think if they were to fall to the west, they would actually probably strike them."

Mr. Vatri suggested an amendment to the development agreement to include the provision as a condition could do the end-run around the demolition permit. And if Beeton Woods objected, it would require an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board if a solution wasn't at hand through council.

"I just want to make it perfectly clear, we really want those silos down," said Mr. Norcross prior to the council vote to amend the deal. "We've been looking for them to come down for a long time. But at the same time, we want to make sure there's no damage or accidents that occur while we finally get towards where we want to be."

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