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Pair of Beeton subdivisions moving closer to development

Posted July 7, 2014

Two separate subdivision proposals are moving closer to construction in Beeton including the the 578 unit Sorbara project south of Maple Avenue, and the 102 single detached Parsons Glen, west of Dayfoot Street.

Parsons Glenn, by Rayville Developments, is seeking a pre-servicing agreement to permit:
- Storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermains within the lands;
- Connection from the proposed stormwater management pond to the new outfall discharging to
the Beeton Creek;
- Storm sewer from Carleton Trail to the new stormwater management facility;
- Connection from existing subdivision storm sewer to the new stonnwater management facility;
- Sanitary connection services to existing Bray Street sewer;
- Sanitary sewer connection from Julia Street to Dayfoot Street sewer;
- Water service connections to existing Bray Street watermain;
- Watermain connection from Julia Street to Dayfoot Street; and
Sanitary sewer from subdivision via Dayfoot Street.

It's also expected that Rayville and the adjacent West Country subdivision will work together to tie infrastructure together, as well as maximize available capacity.

On the south east side of Beeton, the Sorbara group is expecting council to approve the zoning amendment and urban design report.

The proposal includes 458 single detached homes, 120 semi-detached, two park blocks, two stormwater management blocks.

Among the site specific changes being sought include:
- Exclude unenclosed decks and porches from the calculation of lot coverage;
- Increase the maximum lot coverage relating to bungalow (single storey) models;
- Permit an accessory Coach House on specific lots, having a maximum floor area of
60m2 and a maximum height of 7.5 metres;
- Reduce the size of a site triangle from 9 metres to 7 metres;
- Apply Holding Symbols on lands that are undevelopable at this time;
- Permit a 2.5 metre encroachment of steps into the required front yard;
- Reduce the minimum distance between a driveway and an intersection of a streetline
from 9 metres to 7 metres;
- Reduce the minimum front yard setback from 5 metres to 4.5 metres; and,
- Reduce the minimum setback to an Environmental Protection (EP) zone from 15 metres
to Nil.

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