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Cablebridge seeks to tie commercial lands together

Posted March 5, 2019

Cablebridge (Biffis family) has applied for a zoning bylaw amendment that would tie its recently approved service station and car wash site with its adjacent commercial block at 10 SR and Hwy 89.

It's one of five planning applications included on tomorrow (March 6) night's public meeting agenda, the other four are residential proposals including The Flato Group's 157 unit subdivision on Part Lot 11, Conc, 8 in Beeton, and an 11 unit development on Second Street, also in Beeton.

The Biffis commercial block, approved as part of the Treetops (Belterra) residential development.

According to the plans included with the agenda, the commercial plaza shows 22 separate units covering about 94,787 sq. ft. The two largest buildings are 20,623 sq ft and 11,108 sq. ft.

"In summer 2018 the owner acquired the subject lands with the intention of consolidating them with the commercially zoned lands to the north. Given that the subject lands were formerly a road allowance, they have never been assigned a zone in Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 2014-126, as amended," according to the Town staff report. "On October 18, 2018 the applicant submitted a zoning by-law amendment application seeking to rezone the subject lands to SCC in order to facilitate future development of the land in conjunction with the draft approved commercial block. The applicant intends to utilize the subject lands to provide access to the site from Sideroad 10, as well as for parking and landscaping purposes."

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