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'Run for NBA Championship has been exciting'

Posted June 10, 2019

I'm a bandwagon fan and make no apologies about it. The highly lucrative world of sports is a subsection of the entertainment industry. We turn to the entertainment industry for leisure and fun and if I'm following a team that keeps losing, I'm not having fun. I'm not getting any bang for my entertainment time and money.

There is something electrifying about shared joy. It is intoxicating. Now we are all rooting for the Toronto Raptors. I find myself reading the sports section of the newspaper, learning about plays and strategies. I watch the playoff games and if they're losing I have to change channels."I can’t watch this anymore!" Like everyone else I held my breath watching Kawhi Leonard's impossible last second throw in Game 7 against the Milwaukee Bucks. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, in! Holy! They won!

The Golden State Warriors were heavily favoured to defend and retain their championship but Raptors are now one win away from taking the title. I'm also learning people from all over the world are turning their attention to the underdog Raptors. This raises Toronto's profile on the world stage. It's all good!

I saw Drake when he appeared on Saturday Night Live. He came across as good natured, happy to be part of the jokes even if the jokes were on him. Drake has drawn the sports world's attention to the Raptors by his presence and enthusiasm. When I learned he was getting under the skin of the Bucks' coach I thought, wow, that's got to be a help for the Raptors. He's raising their profile and bugging their opponents. There are people who think he should keep to his own business in the music industry and not be massaging the coach's shoulders or performing hot line bling moves at the side of the court but if you're a Raptors fan, I don't understand these objections.

The run for the NBA Championship has been exciting, nerve-wracking, and joyful. Shared joy unites us all. When I look at a picture of Toronto fans at Jurassic Park I see faces from every part of the world and that alone fills me with pride. No wonder the world is joining us in cheering for the Raptors. All the world is right here.

I'll be staying up late tonight and by the end of the week we may have the NBA Championship. We at least get three more chances at it. In any case, Go Raptors Go! This fair weather bandwagon fan is a happy and excited convert.

Barbara Delargy is a retired English teacher currently living near Everett. Reach her at barbaradelargy@gmail.com

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