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Council term winding down, 'lame duck status' begins September 12

Posted July 28, 2014

There are two scheduled New Tecumseth council meetings remaining, both in August - Committee on the 11th, and Council on the 25th.

Sandwiched between them is the final AMO Conference of this term, in Ottawa, Aug. 17-20 (at this post the number of councillors attending was not confirmed - accommodations, registration, and food paid by Town).

September 15th and 22nd, and November 10 and 17th, are pencilled in as meeting dates, "at the call of the Chair."

Municipal elections are October 27th, and the new council will be sworn in December 1st, with the first meeting of the next term scheduled for December 8th.

Barring any changes when nomination day closes September 12th, New Tecumseth council will not avoid the "lame duck status" because 75 per cent or 7.5 of the current council could not be reelected.

Mayor Mike MacEachern, and Ward 7 councillor Bruce Haire have announced they are not seeking reelection, and Ward 1 councillor Bob Marrs is registered to run for mayor against Deputy Mayor Rick Milne. At this writing, Ward 6 councillor Richard Norcross was the only incumbent who has not yet revealed his intentions.

Essa Township council will not be affected, because all five of its incumbents are seeking reelection,

Once the Clerk has confirmed whether 'lame duck status' applies, council has four restrictions. These are:
(a) the appointment or removal from office of any officer of the municipality;
(b) the hiring or dismissal of any employee of the municipality;
(c) the disposition of any real or personal property of the municipality that has a value exceeding $50,000 at the time of disposal; and
(d) making any expenditures or incurring any other liability that exceeds $50,000.

A contract could be awarded by a lame duck council valued over $50,000 if it was included in the annual budget. However, that authority ends, if the amount of award is over-budget.

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