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CPC sets rules for challenging sitting MPs, Essa mayor, Collingwood OB/GYN vying to unseat Leitch in Simcoe-Grey

Posted November 3, 2017

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has updated its rules for candidate selections in electoral districts (EDA) held by one of their sitting incumbents, such as Simcoe-Grey MP Kellie Leitch.

According to revised rules for the 2019 election adopted by its National Council, October 29, 2017, "Any Applicant, other than the MP, who wishes to run for a nomination in a member
held EDA shall submit their Application not later than 5:00 pm EST on December 15th, 2017."

The applicant is also required to include a nomination petition signed by a minimum of 50 CPC members who reside in the riding, who are in good standing as of the November 1st, 2017, cut-off date.

If no applications are received, the incumbent will be acclaimed as the CPC candidate.
"In the event that an Application is received, the EDA shall constitute a CNC (nomination committee), and should interview the Applicants not later than January 18, 2018," according the policy. "If a majority of the CNC believes that there may be cause to reject an Applicant, the Executive Director of the Party or their designate shall immediately inform the NCSC. The NCSC shall endeavor to render a decision to allow or disallow an Applicant not later than seven days after receiving word from the CNC that there may be cause to reject said Applicant.

The Executive Director or their designate, in consultation with the Chair of NCSC and the National Councilor(s) for the effected jurisdiction may open nomination at any time they see fit. In event a nomination is required in a member-held EDA, MPs shall be required to provide their Application within fourteen (14) days of the notice that their nomination has been opened and the normal timelines for interviews would apply. MPs would only be required to submit 25 signatures."
Kailey Vokes, Ms. Leitch's Executive Assistant, told Free Press Online last night via email, she "intends to run again and win the election."

Ms. Leitch ran for her party's leadership and finished sixth. She was excluded from Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's ''shadow cabinet'' announced in August.

At this post, Free Press Online can confirm Essa Township Mayor and Simcoe County Deputy Warden, Terry Dowdall, and Gillian Yeates an OB/GYN at Collingwood General and Marine Hospital since 2000, intend to challenge Ms. Leitch for the CPC nomination in Simcoe-Grey.

"I am pleased to see the Federal Conservatives have allowed for the chance of a nomination process in Simcoe-Grey," Mr. Dowdall told Free Press Online via email. "Though the timelines are quite tight, I believe it will create greater interest in the local riding for full support going forward into the 2019 election. I am planning to reach out for support from the current members to allow the process to move forward and to sign the petition for myself, and garner new members as well to create a stronger team."

Ms. Yeates sent out an email to CPC members in the riding on October 30th, announcing "I would like to challenge Kellie Leitch for the Conservative Party nomination for the riding of Simcoe-Grey. ..... In order to challenge a sitting Member of Parliament for their riding nomination there is a process that was made known to me just today. The Federal riding committee has just announced this new format and the timeline is very tight. For this challenge, I need members who are active in the Conservative Party of Canada as of November 1, 2017. So, there is an urgent push to get people signed up if you are not already an active member."

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