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Demolition of sites to include 'total burn' of historic Nolan House in Tottenham

Posted September 29, 2017

New Tecumseth councillors are expected to award a $132,000 contract for the demolition of three properties, including the approximate 167-year-old Nolan House located in the Tottenham Conservation Area, whose history is linked to George Nolan, the former Village's first reeve.

The Nolan House, built circa 1850, is designated a New Tecumseth Heritage House. It is "significant because of the location (an early milling site) and its association with a founder of the village of Tottenham," according to the Town's Heritage House listing.

The other properties include 3 George St in Tottenham, which until recently had housed the food bank. Once cleared, the site is to become a public parking lot. And, 56 Main Street in Beeton, a three unit residential structure on the west side of DA Jones Library. The Town purchased the property for approximately $600,000 about a decade ago as a land assembly for any future recreation centre expansion.

Councillors actually approved the demolitions of the three separate properties as part of the 2017 capital project - both the house at 56 Main Street, and the Nolan House were identified to be funded through taxation and 3 George Street funded through Town Asset Replacement Fund.

In the report to council on Monday night's agenda recommending the demolition contract award to Maxx North America Group / Trisan General Contractors, each of the sites are vacant, and fell into states of disrepair.

The Nolan House "has been unoccupied for approximately seven years and the structural integrity was in question and the building had deteriorated beyond its manageable life cycle," according to the report. Because it's listed as a significant property, 60 days notice is required prior to demolition, which, "based on the interpretation of this requirement, it is noted that it has been satisfied with the submission of budget sheet #2017-121 authorizing the demolition of this building."

Demolition of the Nolan House will feature New Tecumseth Fire Rescue burning it down as a "fire training exercise on the facility resulting in a total burn of the building. The tender provides provisions for initial support efforts to render the exercise safe to perform with a final clean-up and restoration of the site."

No date for demolition is included in the report, which because it's at committee, will require council ratification at its Oct. 16 meeting.

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