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New diabetes program for youth launched at Banting Homestead centre

Posted December 11, 2013

The Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation (SFBLF) today launched their fourth major program initiative to help Fight Diabetes.

In keeping with the Foundation's emphasis on youth, SFBLF conducted the first of their School Tours program at the Diabetes Management and Education Centre (DMEC) complex at the Banting Homestead Heritage Park, birthplace of Sir Frederick Banting co-discoverer of insulin and Canada's first Nobel Laureate.

The three hour tour, attended by a Grade 10 Science class from Banting Memorial High School in Alliston included a "Lets Talk Science" tutorial on diabetes prevention and the challenges of the discovery and initial mass production of insulin, a team-based scavenger hunt for answers to related questions among the exhibits in the complex and a student feedback session on the value of the experience and how the program could be improved.

The 18 students and their teacher made the 35-minute walk from the school to the site and back to emphasize the importance of exercise as part of reducing the risk of contracting diabetes. A second pilot tour will be held in early January 2014 after which the program will be offered on a scheduled basis to all interested school boards.

This launch follows a successful start of the Foundation's Diabetes Classes program at the DMEC on November 27, 2013. The initial class, attended by 24 registered clients emphasized "healthy festive season eating." Classes are conducted by the Foundation's Outreach Team partners from Stevenson Memorial Hospital (Alliston) and Southlake Regional Health Centre (Newmarket) and are currently scheduled through to June 2014.

These new programs compliment the Foundation's existing programs that place a focus on the transition issues faced by youth with diabetes as they move from the pediatric to adult healthcare system.

The Banting Legacy Transition programs are a collaborative effort with the FoundationŐs clinical innovation partners in the Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University and include an annual Grand Rounds Transition lecture, associated research symposium and the Banting Legacy Transition Award for post-doctoral students. The purpose of these programs is to build capacity in the system and, in collaboration with the Outreach Team partners, to find new models of care to help diabetic youth in transition.

The Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization with a two-fold mission to Fight Diabetes and Preserve a Legacy. The Foundation is based in Alliston.

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