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County to establish lower tipping fee for disaster debris landfill disposal

Posted August 7, 2014

Tornado events in Angus (June 17th) and New Tecumseth (June 24th) have spurred Simcoe County to establish a disaster debris tipping fee that reduces the cost of disposal from $155 per tonne to $75.

The proposed new rate category is outlined in a report by Rob McCullough, Director, Solid Waste Management, to County council posted on next Tuesday's agenda.

The Tosorontio Landfill (Site 13) received 46 tonnes of brush, and 37 tonnes of other debris from the Angus tornado clean-up, aided by the supply of 50 yard roll-off bins. More than 100 homes and over 300 people were impacted by its damage, estimated to be over $30 million.

"Once full, the bins were delivered .... at a cost of $155/tonne. The Township of Essa will be billed directly for the disposal of the material," notes Mr. McCullough. "Residents who came into County Waste Management Facilities with waste from the tornado were billed the $155/tonne "Disaster Debris" and brush was free of charge."

The County also provided New Tecumseth with 50 yard roll-off bins to aid in the clean-up of the lesser scale tornado that caused damage to properties east of Tottenham, but notes, "the tipping fee costs for New Tecumseth are approximates and are based on a tentative number of bins to be provided at the tornado sites."

Under the current tipping fees, Essa's cost was $5,868, and New Tecumseth's estimated at $3,353. At $75 per tonne, which will be applied retroactively, Essa's disposal costs will be reduced to $2,839 and New Tecumseth, estimated at at $1,622.

"The rate of $75/tonne covers current County costs to transfer this material from the receiving site to Collingwood and the costs to process through our shredder and direct costs for landfilling locally, "according to Mr. McCullough. "It is noted than when County landfill space is exhausted, the cost of garbage export is significantly higher and the rate would then have to be adjusted. The rate of $75 per tonne is competitive if not lower than disposal via private transfer stations."

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