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Elmer pit
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Town seeks greater control over traffic from pit

Posted June 17, 2014

The Elmer pit on the 5th Line and 10th Sideroad in New Tecumseth is no longer an extraction operation, having reached its mandated limit of 20,000 tonnes. But its rehabilitation continues to be a growing concern for neighbours, including staff and students at nearby Tecumseth South Central Public School, because it's now an intake site without a cap.

Brendan Holly, New Tecumseth's Director of Technical Services, told councillors last night that the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is aware of the Town's concerns and are trying to work out a way to control truck traffic, and limit the amount of fill it will take.

Ward 7 councillor Bruce Haire said there's an urgency to get some measures in place before September when school resumes, and Ward 8 councillor Jim Stone feared that no limits on incoming fill could go on for years. He also wondered whether the Town could implement any charges to cover the wear and tear on the roads.

"Actually, when gravel is extracted from pits, the municipality does receive some money for every tonne extracted and that is to help with the maintenance of the roads that are being used," explained Mr. Holly. "And the concerns councillor Stone has raised are the exact concerns that we are talking to MNR about. They have jurisdiction over the licence and we're asking them to work with us to try and minimize the impact of the traffic."

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