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Flato puts its first development application in the queue tonight

Posted September 13, 2017

Flato Developments has spent the past year spreading around tens of thousands of dollars in donations to organizations like Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Matthew's Hospice, and sponsored several municipal events including the lead Canada Day sponsor. In January, Flato had a draft deal to pay the Town $1 million over 10 years for NTRC naming rights. Councillors rejected it because of the process that led to the agreement.

Tonight, the Markham based developer puts its first proposed residential subdivision, Fletcher Meadows, to a public planning meeting, one of three separate development applications on the agenda, beginning at 7 pm.

It's requesting a draft plan of subdivision and zoning bylaw amendment to permit 157 residential units located in Beeton on the east side of Patterson St. N, from Wright St to Lilly St. (9th Line). The subject lands are two separate parcels covering a total lot area of approximately 9.0 ha (22.22 acres) to which 6.4 ha (15.8 acres) of land has been proposed for residential uses. The proposed zoning by-law amendment would rezone the subject lands from Agricultural (A1) and Environmental Protection (EP) Zones to a variety of Urban Residential-Exception Zones.

Flato also owns approximately 71.9 ha (177.8 acres) of abutting agricultural lands to the east of the subject lands with portions of the lands proposed for a stormwater management pond. And earlier this year, Flato purchased a 100 acre farm property currently in production at 6416 10th Line from Ken Beattie Holdings Inc.

"The proposed residential draft plan of subdivision will be serviced by means of municipal infrastructure and located on lands contained within the settlement of Beeton," according to the planning report. "The associated stormwater management pond has been proposed on abutting lands east of the settlement boundary in order to utilize Baker Drain as a discharge outlet."

Also on tonight's agenda is a zoning bylaw amendment application by Far Sight Investments, who've taken over 2.77 ha (6.84 acres) of the former Alliance/Walton - West Country Plan of Subdivision in Beeton. The amendments would reduce the size of front, exterior, rear, interior yard sizes, as well, rear yard encroachment.

And a zoning bylaw amendment for Belterra Estates/Treetops phase 4, whose changes would permit increasing the overall number of street townhouse units from 420 to 444; Eliminating all remaining proposed semi-detached dwelling lots (i.e. only those 28 semi-detached lots within Phase 1 remain on the plan of subdivision); and increasing the overall number of single detached dwelling lots from 1,361 to 1,380.

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