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Gibson gives some ground in dispute with neighbours

Posted September 19, 2012

Residents in the Kerr Blvd and Cunningham Dr area of Alliston have won a partial victory in their near three year battle over truck-traffic generated noises coming from the nearby PGW property on Church Street South owned by Brian Gibson after he agreed to build the planned higher sound barrier wall in the same location as the current one slated to be replaced.

The Ministry of Environment has ordered Mr. Gibson to come up with a solution to reduce noise impacts from the shuttling truck traffic that service PGW's auto glass operation; a situation neighbours say dates back to 2009 when the Town approved a 2,725 m2 expansion to the existing warehouse facility, then in March 2010, issued the occupancy permit.

Mr. Gibson erected a 2.3 metre fence which hasn't prevented noise from exceeding MOE guidelines.The consultant he hired to determine a solution is recommending a 4.2 metre high acoustic fence. And where originally the plan presented last week for municipal approval was to locate it along the property line, it will instead be rebuilt in place.

He has not, however, agreed to another of the residents' request that he donate trees to be planted on their side of the property line to help block the sight of a 14 ft high wall and compensate for the removal of mature trees to accommodate its construction. Below are the changes approved Monday night:
  • The 4.2m high acoustic fence will be installed in the same location as the existing cedar acoustic fence;
  • The existing 16 willow trees impacted by the new acoustical fence will be removed, including their stumps;
  • 16 coniferous trees (Siberian Spruce) will be planted on the PGW site, on the west side of the acoustical fence, Due to the area being reduced to 3m wide and the existing roots and stumps from the removed willows, 2m high trees with corresponding smaller root balls are proposed to be planted. Additionally, should it not be possible to plant all 16 trees in this location due to the spatial limits, the balance of the trees will be planted elsewhere on the PGW site at an acceptable location;
  • A clause is to be added to the Site Plan Agreement to state that the Town will not require the maintenance of the trees planted on the west side of the acoustical fence as there will be no direct access to them. Accordingly, the trees will be allowed to grow in a naturalized condition; and
  • Staff will advise Council in our memorandum that you expect the preparation for the acoustic installation to now take 10 days instead of the original five days.
"(I)t has been demonstrated in the Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR) and Noise Abatement Plan (NAAP) prepared by AECOM, dated May 22, 2012 and July 25, 2012, respectively, that the Facility sound levels will be in compliance with MOE Publication NPC-205 guidelines with the use of the current and proposed noise barrier control measure," according to Brad Allen of the MOE. "The noise model has been based on two trucks per hour during the evening and night with the current barrier and up to four trucks per hour during the evening and night with the proposed noise barrier....As part of the updating of PGW's Environmental Compliance Approval the Ministry will be requiring a third party noise acoustical consultant conduct infield testing to verify the modeled AAR levels."

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