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On Thurs., Oct 12, New Tecumseth councillors will hold a special meeting beginning at 7 pm when they are expected to vote either Ward 5 councillor Donna Jebb, or Ward 6 councillor Richard Norcross to serve the remainder of the term as Deputy Mayor. The seat became vacant upon the death of Jamie Smith on Aug. 1. Last month, council decided they would fill the vacancy from among themselves. The public will not have a vote. Free Press Online asked both Ms. Jebb and Mr. Norcross a series of questions, whose answers are published below.

Donna Jebb - Deputy Mayor Candidate

Posted October 5, 2017

: Please remind us of your council background, also please include other committees you have served on while a member of council.
Councillor 2000-2003; 2010-present.
Council committees:
- Heritage committee (formerly known as LACAC);
- Accessibility (since its inception);
- Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority;
- Physician Recruitment and Retention;
- OSUM Planning committee;
- Banting Heritage Park Coordinating committee;
- South Simcoe Arts Council;

Other committees while on council:
- Simcoe Area W.I. president
- (Currently Area Voting Delegate for the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario);
- UN committee for the Associated Country Women of the World;
- Stevenson Memorial Hospital Gala committee

Q: Why do you want to be Deputy Mayor, of which most importantly for the remainder of this term, includes Simcoe County Councillor?
I want to facilitate the continuance of business and hope to complete the goals and objectives that the late Deputy Mayor had strived to accomplish during his term as deputy mayor.
Q: There are several important matters before Simcoe County Council that will have great impact on New Tecumseth. The two most critical at this time include the 15,000 unit Cappuccitti Mattamy proposed development between Alliston and Beeton that while dormant at the OMB, can be simply resurrected by the County. Please explain whether you support or are opposed to the development.
I have been advised that that County Council cannot resurrect the matter on their own regarding the Cappuccitti Mattamy proposal as it is before the OMB. The province designates density and intensification targets for each municipality and currently New Tecumseth has sufficient approved residential units to reach our 2031 target population.
Q: And, the other matter is Simcoe County’s desire to play a significant and direct role in water and wastewater infrastructure which is currently a lower tier authority. Please explain whether you support or oppose Simcoe County’s role in our water and wastewater infrastructure.
The provincial government has directed that the County of Simcoe prepare a Municipal Comprehensive Review which will include among other things a sewer and water servicing analysis and assimilative capacity analysis.
As a County Councillor you must always be prepared to co-operate and participate in all such important studies. Until this study is completed and provided to me, I am not in a position to support or oppose Simcoe County's role in our water and wastewater infrastructure.
Q: If you are elected Deputy Mayor, will you run for the position in the October 2018 municipal elections?
Q: If you do not plan to run for Deputy Mayor in 2018, why do you want to be Deputy Mayor?
I want to be appointed as Deputy Mayor at this time to complete the term of the late Deputy Mayor Jamie Smith in representing New Tecumseth Council at the County level.

Since the person is being appointed by council and not elected by the people, I feel it is unfair that the appointed person would seek the same position in the next election as being an incumbent, it could prove to be an advantage. This is not fair to potential candidates who seek the elected position next term. This situation would be similar to how the opposition parties at both the provincial and federal levels, in the past two years filled their interim leader position.

Q: Do you believe there is any benefit to the successful Deputy Mayor appointee gaining experience at the upper level ahead of the October 2018 elections? As opposed to only planning to serve the remainder of the term?
There would be a personal benefit as that person is being appointed by the council and not elected by the residents.  It creates an unfair advantage and not fair to potential candidates for that position in the next election.
Q: Finally, how would you like council to deal with the Ward vacancy you’re creating? Do you support councillors appointing someone in the same manor as DM? Or do you support more direct input from residents in your Ward?
It is my opinion that council should appoint an individual to serve the balance of the term for the ward position as there is approximately one year left to serve. I would be supportive of council allowing eligible people to submit their names for consideration for appointment by council to the position.

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