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'New Tecumseth council has continuously ignored us'

to the editor,

Posted June 23, 2014

Neighbours in Tottenham have been in an ongoing dispute over continuous live music and noise from patrons outdoors at A Taste of Freedom for two years now.

The current council have ignored complaints from at least three neighbours of A Taste of Freedom and twice granted every noise exemption they requested for dates that include almost every week of the summer months.

One neighbour who complained about the noise even lives two blocks away from A Taste of Freedom on Sullivan Drive. During these live music events and weddings our children can not sleep in their own beds. Our neighbours can not sleep with their windows open as they should have a right to do.

I agree with Mr. Morgan and the Tecumseth Pines residents, and I have little doubt that council members would be quick to act if they personally had 20 to 30 people cheering and screaming "woooooooo" outside their bedroom windows every time a bride and groom kissed. I would challenge anyone to add amplified music to the cheering, screaming and clapping of up to 30 people outside your bedroom windows and try putting your children to sleep.

The current council has continuously shown a complete lack of understanding and regard for us residents and families in New Tecumseth when we are subjected to businesses like the Tottenham Airfield Corporation turning a profit at expense of our right to enjoy our homes and property.

At least in our case the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission is finally acting to protect our rights where New Tecumseth council has continuously ignored us.

For the record the Ontario Liquor Licence Act states: "46. The holder of a licence that applies to outdoor premises shall not permit noise that arises directly or indirectly from entertainment on the premises or from the sale and service of liquor to disturb persons who reside near the premises. R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 719, s. 46."

Rod Barrett

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