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Main complaint is with the outdoor noise

to the editor,

Posted July 2, 2014

I would like to respond to Maureen Bayliss' letter entitled 'Much money must be generated through their cash registers'. It is the perfect headline for her letter as this matter is all about A Taste of Freedom making money at the expense of our children's right to sleep in their own beds.

A Taste of Freedom's building, the Dentist office, Frank's Barber Shop and a many trees all block the sound of A Taste of Freedom's outdoor noise from her apartment above the Blue Sky Eatery.

There is also a much greater distance between the Blue Sky Eatery building and A Taste of Freedom's rear yard than there is from our children's bedroom windows.

There is no doubt that having live outdoor music and entertainment can make much money in cash registers. I am sure the Blue Sky Eatery could generate much money in their register with live music on their outdoor patio on the east side of the building.

In the interest of fair business practice, all restaurants and bars in New Tecumseth should be equally allowed to generate much money with live outdoor music whenever they desire.

Some of these establishments that could certainly benefit financially from live patio music include The Village Restaurant, The Muddy Water, East Side Mario's and Shoeless Joe's among others.

I would also like to note New Tecumseth Council's objections to Shoeless Joe's constructing an outdoor patio and I quote your article: "The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has reversed a New Tecumseth council decision that blocked Shoeless Joe's in Alliston from setting up an outdoor patio" and "The outdoor patio, which could open this week, will be limited to capacity of 50 people for the remainder of 2011, then increase to 71 starting in 2012. As well, amplified music will not be permitted outdoors after 10 pm. And, removal of waste from the restaurant with the patio will take place only between 8 am and 10 pm."

Why did New Tecumseth Council take the exact opposite stand with Shoeless Joe's patio than they have with A Taste of Freedom's patio? Why did New Tecumseth Council care so much about the rights of Shoeless Joe's neighbours yet care so little about ours?

With regards to multiple neighbours, even the Town's committee of the whole agenda back on July 8, 2013 (page 219) states that Municipal Law Enforcement has received calls from two separate neighbours.

Living where she does, Ms Bayliss would also know that the dates listed in the town reports do not include all the dates A Taste of Freedom has had live bands on their patio.

I have spoken to other neighbours who expressed they can no longer sleep with their bedroom windows open during A Taste of Freedom's events and they also stated they were not one of the two who called the town in 2013.

I am not naming these neighbours out of respect for their privacy. Regardless of the Inn's claim to lower the music at 9:00 pm the exact opposite has happened on most occasions. As for the Inn's claim of "There will be no drums, only string guitars and vocalists who are local." This is misleading and completely fails to acknowledge that these guitars and vocals are through loud amplifiers.

This is not an issue about fundraisers for children with autism or the contributions of local businesses to our community. Of all the outdoor music events this year at A Taste of Freedom, only the one fundraiser presents a real benefit to the community. The rest of the events are about a benefit to A Taste of Freedom's profits.

We certainly have no objection to a children's fundraiser ending at 8:00 pm, however the other non-fundraiser events go long after 8:00 pm.

It is shameless for Ms Bayliss to claim that one contribution by one business to our community outweighs our children's right to sleep in their bedrooms on multiple nights.

Rod Barrett

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