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Trail 'must be euthanized without further discussion'

to the editor,

Posted March 6, 2014

Once again, the Trans Canada Trail issue - or specifically its passage along the abandoned rail line north of Beeton - has raised its tired head. One would have hoped that this idea had finally died, but apparently not.

The very name suggests the image of someone strapping on a backpack and walking across the country from coast to coast. No doubt there is at least one individual out there who would be up to this task, but of course he or she would be frustrated upon reaching the subject area.

Years ago, I used to hike short sections of the Bruce Trail in the Niagara Peninsula. My hiking buddy and I would meet at an arranged access point, park one vehicle then drive to the next access point, park and walk back so we didn't have to retrace our steps. Nothing revolutionary about this - it's the way most hikers do it.

Sunday December 8th 2009 was an unseasonably warm late fall day; and in an uncharacteristic surge of energy I took a walk along the trail from Mount Wolfe Road south of Highway 9 up to Mill Street in Tottenham, snapping photos along the way.

I confess it was a pipe dream that motivated me: the remote possibility that the South Simcoe Railway might one day lay track south in order to junction with the CPR and establish a rail link with the outside world. Regardless, I fully expected to encounter other hikers during my short jaunt, but I saw absolutely no-one. It surprised me that I was the only one out taking advantage of the gorgeous weather so close to wintertime. Mercifully I saw no garbage or litter either, which further tells me that this trail - at least around these parts - is not a big priority.

Why on earth must the TCT be contiguous without interruption? Are there camping areas all along the route for the hardy long distance walkers? What do they do for supplies or accommodation? Why does this municipality have to feel shamed or pressured into providing such an unnecessary facility?

This dog will not hunt. And if the very real concerns of  the farmers is not enough to put it down, then it must be euthanized without further discussion.

Charles Bryant

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