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'Your right to broadcast this stuff ends at my eardrums'

to the editor,

Posted July 3, 2014

I am compelled to add my two cents (rounded out to .00) to the current thread on the noise pollution in Tottenham - a.k.a. outdoor 'music.'

I went to the Bluegrass Festival on the Saturday evening, leaving just after the performance which ended around 10. Although the music had ended in the conservation area, there was another brand of it bellowing out from elsewhere, apparently emanating from the village. I did not know where it was coming from, but my primary thought was that I was thankful I did not live there.

The source of that music is now evident; but this is only part of a problem which seems to be universal: Whether it be loud and obnoxious car sound systems which pump out volume way beyond that which I would assume is intended to entertain the occupants of the vehicle, or simply people that insist on playing their music outdoors to extreme levels.

Sorry, but your right to broadcast this stuff ends at my eardrums. I freely admit that I am an old fogey whose musical tastes differ from yours. (Oddly, I never hear Beethoven or Mozart or any other such music) I could go on about the stuff that is piped into grocery stores, banks, offices - whatever. My point is that I do not inflict my music on those who may not wish to hear it. I guess it boils down to simple selfishness and a disregard for others.

As to the limitation to string guitars and vocalists who are local (what's that got to do with it?) may I suggest another stipulation: they can't plug in their amps!

Charles Bryant,

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