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Sidewalk would be appreciated by the walking residents

to the editor,

Posted July 3, 2014

Kingsmere Retirement Suites (six floors) sits on the east side at 287 King Street South within the boundaries of the urban community of Alliston in the Town of New Tecumseth.

There are approximately 100 residents and 30 staff who through their resident fees indirectly pay town taxes. Some of the residents, including myself, walk along the east sidewalk between Young Street and Kingsmere.

Also, the students from Holy Family Catholic School (King Street South) on several occasions a year visit Kingsmere. There is a good safe sidewalk for 90 per cent of the route.

However, on both north and south sides of the Industrial Parkway - King Street South intersection there is no sidewalk and a dirt 'cow path' for about 300 feet (100 ft. north side, 200 ft. south side). When it's dry it is sufficient, but when it is raining it forces one to walk on the unsafe roadway. Also, the green light on King is too fast for me to cross north or south before the light changes.

I suggest to Council that they correct this unsafe condition with a temporary asphalt sidewalk until development is completed (minimum cost) this year. Council has budgeted about $700,000 for the
TransCanada Trail between Tottenham and Cookstown in 2014. It would be much appreciated by the walking residents of Kingsmere.

Finally, a couple of benches between Young St. and Falkner Rd. would be appreciated. It is a long walk and leaning against a hydro pole is not very dignified.

Gary Dorland,

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