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'New Tecumseth has a good long term future'

to the editor,

Posted August 21, 2014

The future potential of New Tecumseth is great, but council must act to ensure it. While we need a more efficient municipal government providing services in a more effective manner, we must also be more caring for the quality of life for our citizens, especially the elderly.

The fall Municipal Election is on October 27. The next four years will be important for the future of New Tecumseth. We need a strong council. Please get out and vote at the polls.

We came to Alliston from Rodney, Ont. in July 1947. My father, "Sid" Dorland, had been transferred from the Rodney area to Maple District office by the Department of Lands and Forests. Alliston was a
quiet farmers town located at the four corners of four townships.

The apartment above the Alliston Herald on the north side of Victoria St., just east of Church St., became our home for the first year.

The year 1947 was a busy year for Alliston with the Centennial celebrations. Mr. W.G.E. Cumberland compiled and edited a book entitled "Alliston Ontario Centennial 1847 - 1947", containing a history of

In the year 1947, the Alliston council had parking meters installed on the main street. The farmers coming to town refused to park at the meters. The meters were soon removed.

In 1948 we moved to 97 Albert St. West. Dorlands resided there for the next 76 years (Jan. 10, 2014). Industry consisted of: Peter Thomson and Sons and the Casket Factory. General Electric wanted to come to Alliston, but various businesses did not want to compete against higher labour rates. The plant, which was to be located on the land where Banting Memorial High School is, located to Barrie. During this period, only Peter Thomson and Sons (now at end of Ludlow Lane) and the Handly Farm were west of King St.

After graduating in June 1960 from Michigan College of Mining and Technology, I joined the Iron Ore Co. of Canada, Schefferville, Que. in July 1960. I returned to Alliston in late 1992 after spending 30+
years in the mining industry.

Alliston became part of the Town of New Tecumseth in 1991. The population was about 12,000 in 2011 and with recent developments, I estimate 14-15,000 in Alliston. Industry in New Tecumseth:

Farming Industry
Baxter Corp. - 1957
Salada Foods
Honda Plant #1 - 1986
Honda Plant #2 - 1997/98
Engine Plant - 2007
F & P - 1987
Gibson Transport
Trailway Transport
Peter Thomson & Sons Inc.
Major Infrastructure:
Industrial Parkway - 2001/02
Collingwood Waterline - 1999
Regional Sewage Plant - 2008

New Tecumseth has a good long term future with a potential population of 50,000+ in 2030. This influx of new residences is an important opportunity for the Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham BIAs.

A downnote, the three urban areas had frequent daily bus service with Toronto. Now we have none.

Gary Dorland,

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