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Lack of local public transit hurts voter turnout

to the editor,

Posted June 19, 2014

I would like to thank Charles Bryant for responding to the letter by Bob Young.

In my opinion, an election is not a frivolous occasion. But before Mr. Young started finger pointing, name calling and fear mongering, he should have done a survey in this area to find out why many voters did not vote. I, for one, found the distance from my home to the voting station daunting and therefore I reneged on my civic duty.

In New Tecumseth, one of the main reasons for the low turnout of eligible voters is due to a lack of transportation.

Unfortunately, the Taxi Transit Subsidy was not available because it's only for seniors and disabled citizens as the designated users, leaving the rest of the population without any form of public transit.

Don't these people realize that this action is discrimination against the young and able-bodied citizens of this town? Accessible transit should be a basic human right.

The Taxi Transit Subsidy was established a decade ago by our mayor and town council when they cancelled Town Transit and despite election promises four years ago we still lack an accessible transit system.

Fortunately, we have a municipal election coming in October. It is my hope that the citizens in this town will encourage the candidates to change this decade-long situation and set a transit system in place that will benefit everyone, not just the seniors and disabled. It is just not right.

Shirley Guy

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