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New four-way stop in Beeton a growing concern

to the editor,

Posted December 4, 2013

I moved to Tottenham in 1971 from Toronto and soon loved the community and all it had to offer my family.

Sadly, my husband passed away in 1982 and my dilemma was do I take my young children and move back to Toronto to be with family or do I stay? As it takes a village, I decided to remain. I opened a small tax preparing office. The community was very supportive and it gave my children and myself a wonderful quality of life.

When my children left home, I downsized, and bought a little house on Main Street in Beeton which was perfect for my business and a very peaceful community.

Previous mayors George McCague and Larry Keogh, to name a few, were very approachable and supportive of the residents' concerns. Simcoe Grey MPP Jim Wilson has also been of great assistance when approached by myself and my customers. I have not voiced my concerns to Mr. Wilson as yet thinking that the present Mayor Mike MacEachern and council would be of assistance. However, I now feel unless you are a wealthy developer or a wealthy hotel owner, you are totally ignored.

I did finally receive a reply from mayor MacEachern yesterday who told me he had thought ward councillor (Richard Norcross) had advised me that they were considering stop lights at this intersection. In fact, the councillor had not contacted me, but did explain why there is a traffic count taking place at the intersection of Main Street and Tecumseth. The ward councillor then emailed me last night and said he was meeting with the Director of Engineering last night/today and I will be advised ASAP.
When Simcoe County built its new Works yard in Beeton, they installed noise barrier wall which cost several hundred thousands of dollars so it would buffer the sounds from the yard impacting the few homes in proximity. However, on Main Street in Beeton, where a minimum of 100 to 200 trucks pass through daily, we get a 4-way stop?

The Nottawasaga Inn and Green Briar managed to have a stop light approved at their entrance, not the 10th Sideroad, (a major intersection). We would gladly take their hand-me-down flashing warning light.

I would suggest that if the Town is going to do a traffic count in our situation, they should try 4 a.m. (sometimes 3 a.m) to 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Diana Higgins

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