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'This has never been an unsafe intersection'

to the editor,

Posted February 21, 2014

I was the main voice, on behalf of my neighbours, behind having the four-way stop signs removed from the intersection of Main Street and Tecumseth in Beeton.

I am sorry that some would feel this is a questionable move. However, I am not sorry they are being removed. I don't normally get involved in local government but this has impacted mine and my neighbours' lives immensely. The noise of trucks squealing and braking infringes on New Tecumseth noise bylaws. (My son monitored it with a noise meter.)

To say 'remove all the stops signs', is ridiculous, 100 to 200 trucks per day do not stop on the side streets of Beeton, just local traffic. The initial traffic study was misinterpreted and did not justify a four-way at this intersection. There is far more pedestrian traffic at Centre Street, where two pedestrians were struck by cars there last summer). Dayfoot is also a bad intersection.

In regards to speed bumps, I was asked for other suggestions, and stated that Kleinberg and Keswick had installed them. I also suggested they lower speed limits to 60km/h on Beeton Rd and then lower it to 40km/h coming through town (before the South Simcoe tracks) so that trucks would not have to brake so close to those residents. A crosswalk at Tecumseth was another suggestion.

Safety is a big concern and has never been overlooked.  My grandchildren cross here regularly. This has never been an unsafe intersection. More people have been frightened to cross here now, not trusting the vehicles to stop. There has been a heavy police presence to monitor the four-way but generally in off-hours and weekends when there is less traffic.

I just feel there is a better solution for everyone. Ward 4 councillor Richard Norcross has planned a meeting in March for residents to offer their suggestions.

Diana Higgins

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