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TNT hockey president responds to criticism of registration fees

to the editor,

Posted August 26, 2014

Every year TNT Board members have a budget meeting to set the fees for the upcoming season. A few years ago the TNT Treasurer at the time set up a template that we go by every year at budget time to make sure we have everything included for each division.

We start by taking each division on their own. We fill in the template at the house/local league level; this is the base price for the division.  We use the average number of players per team that we put on the house/local level teams. I have included the Peewee division as an example of what we do for each division. (Chart posted at bottom of letter) As you can see the fees are broke down for every expense. The lines that have a zero amount means that that division does not have that particular cost. For example house league does not have any league fees.

The Administrative Allocation is the same for all divisions, this includes telephone bills, paper, letterhead, envelopes, postal, website, bank charges, cleaning supplies for office and board room, hangers for sweaters, goodwill, accountant fees etc.

The equipment cost is for jerseys, socks and trainers kits for house/local league divisions.

Referees costs have gone up this year for each game. Referee fees are included for house/local divisions. This year all timekeeper fees will be paid for house/local and rep by the association as part of the registration fees.

Every player from Mite to Midget in every division receives at $25 credit from the association fundraising that is done all year. Raffle, mouth guards, oil changes etc.

Sponsorship for the house leagues are split between the players based on the Sponsorship that TNT collects. For Mites and Tykes, their sponsorship comes from Tim Hortons, Novice is Dodge Caravan, Atom is McDonalds and Peewee is Reliance Home Comfort. We are trying to get some sponsorship for the local league teams but they are welcome to get their own sponsors if they wish. The Rep teams are responsible for their own sponsorship.

At the bottom of the sheet you will see the ice allocation to the house/local team and the Rep teams.

The base fee for the Peewee division is a minimum $775.74/player and the registration fee is set for $790.00 per player. The $14.26 per player goes into the general account and it will help to fund our "Kids Can Play Fund" and any other unexpected fees that might come up through the year.

The Rep fees for Peewee are then set by adding the extra ice that the house/local teams do not get each week. The ice is the biggest extra cost between the house/local and rep teams. League fees for both OMHA and York Simcoe Minor Hockey are part of rep fees also. The difference in the price between the cost and the fee is used for the OMHA play offs fees that are charged to each team. These fees are based on the number of home games the team plays from the beginning of play offs until the team is completely finished for the season. It also helps our "Kids Can Play Fund" and any other costs that come up through the season.

The last few years we have run as close a balance budget as we can - TNT has either had $1000 to $2000 loss or profit. Our accountant, our bank and the OMHA have suggested we carry at 10 per cent carry over and what goes through our bank in the season. This would mean having a $70,000 carry over. The Board of Directors feels it is very important to keep the costs as low as we can hoping to have a carryover of approx. $10,000 this year.

The "Kids Can Play Fund" was set up at the beginning of TNT to help any families that were struggling and could not afford to have their children in sports. For the first 10 years TNT had two annuities that produced approx. $2,500 per year. We had a $10,000 annuity from  a local family and a $10,000 from Alliston District Minor Hockey. We have received money from Jump Start, YMCA, the Alliston Fire Department and some private donors. We have had one Ontario Minor Hockey Foundation weekend that brings children in from Children's Aid, Big Brothers and Big Sisters. TNT funded the ice cost and the Ontario Hockey Foundation supplied equipment and volunteers to help. It was a big success for the area with 10 players in the TNT area joining hockey that year.  We hope to host another one sometime soon. To receive help the parent needs to fill out the form on our website and then the Treasurer and Administrator meets with the parents to work out funding and any payment plans. The TNT Executive feels very strongly about not turning any children away from playing hockey!

Some people try to compare prices to other centres and that is a very hard thing to do as there are so many different things involved.  How much do they pay for ice per hour - each municipality gives a different amount of subsidy to minor sports programs. What is included in the fees - jersey, socks, awards day, pictures, number of hours of ice time, shared or not shared ice, sponsorship, fundraising etc.

At the AGM this April some divisions asked for more ice for this upcoming season, the board agreed as long as the parent understood they would have to pay for the ice they receive. The Peewee house league now gets full ice practices once a week - no more shared ice. The Bantam local league requested an hour per week practice instead of every two weeks so we changed it to every week. The Midget local league requested longer games so they are going to play 1 hr. 20 min games instead of 50 min games.

We are also providing a goalie clinic every week for all TNT goalies for the season. We are going to have power skating for the house leagues teams. We are going to have hitting clinics for the first time contact players in September.

We have the two teams from the GOHL leagues, the women's hockey and the sledge hockey playing in the town arenas this season which has used up ice among the other users so TNT has bought some ice time from the Nottawasaga Inn this year to fulfill our ice needs.  We have also taken close look at the ice time we have and how we can set up a template for ice that can be used every year with the odd change here or there depending on what the town gives us for ice time.

When TNT started we had the two arenas, Alliston and Tottenham so to try and make it fair we had the Major teams in Alliston and the Minor teams in Tottenham so that everyone got a chance to play in each rink. It worked out very well for planning and the members knowing where they were going to be every year. Once we got the new arena things changed and there was really no consistency year to year. So this year we took a good look at the ice time we have been given on the three pads we have worked it out to what we hope will work from year to year. Tottenham will be used for practices for the Minor Rep teams and some local league teams. The NTRC will be used for Major Rep team practices, rep team games and local league practices and games. The AA teams will play on Saturdays and the AE teams will play on Sunday. The house league will be split between NTRC and Tottenham on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There will be rotation throughout the season so that everyone will have some games on pad 1. If this works out well this season then as you the player goes through the years you will know when and where you will practice and play. So for example if you are in Tottenham this year practicing as a minor then you will be at the NTRC next year as a major practicing.

There has been some suggestion that our registration numbers have gone done. This is NOT correct. When TNT started in 1996 we had approx. 590 players since then we have grown to 766 players.  TNT received a phone call last year from the OHF asking if we did something different to keep our Midget players in hockey. We had 7 Midget teams for our size center and they thought that was very good.

TNT has a review engagement statement done every year by a certified accountant. Our year end is May 31st. At every TNT AGM held in April each year the financial statement from the accountant is presented to every member present. The Treasurer goes through the statement line by line and then the membership is given the financial report for the time period of June 1st until the date of the AGM and it is also gone over. The membership is asked for any questions and then there is a motion put through to accept the financial reports as given. The Executive decided not to post the Financial Report on line as not everyone knows how to read a financial statement therefore having members not understanding where TNT is at financially.  The finances are kept in the office and upon request you can pick up a copy of the statements for whatever year you wish. All 18 years are stored away so please give us time to get them out of storage for you. The AGM is not well attended at all which is very disappointing when you get people saying that we hide things from our membership when that is not true at all. With having 766 players and one parent from each player coming to the meeting we could have 766 people at the meeting instead a big year would be having 50 people including the board members present. It is the members association, even if you do not have time or do not want to be involved take an interest on what is going on. We also have two parent meetings a year. We ask each team to send one parent to the meeting to get any information that needs to get out to the membership such as pictures, awards day, AGM info etc. It also gives a voice from each team to let the Executive know what is happening good or bad. TNT has 57 teams the most we have had out to a meeting is 30 teams. Again this is very disappointing as it is a very good way to communicate with all the members.

TNT had one paid position approx. 10 years ago that worked out OK but we think it was a little early for TNT to have the paid position. So the Executive decided to go back to an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Since then the demand on our volunteers has become much greater in terms of time spent getting the children on the ice to play hockey. It is now a year round job. We have done a lot of research with other centers bigger, smaller and the same size at TNT to see what they do about paid positions. They all do things a bit different but with the same results. Most of the centers pay their ice schedulers as it is a very time consuming job from start to finish of the season. A lot of centers pay their Treasurer as most are in the financial business or have financial backgrounds. The referee-in-chief and assignors are paid for the time it takes to make sure all games are covered. Most all centers pay at least one administrator to look after registration, rosters, travel permits, A/P lists, awards day, tournaments etc. This year TNT will be paying the ice scheduler, the treasurer, referee-in-chief and administrator. The fundraising has gone up from $40 to $100 this season to cover the cost of the paid positions. We decided to do it through the fundraising so that the membership had a chance to sell the raffle tickets and get their $100 back. The rest of the Board positions are volunteer as well as TNT coaches and coaching staff. Watch the website for posted office hours this season. The office will be open some hours through the week and on weekends. Lori Wadge is our Administrator and she will be more than happy to answer your questions or direct you to the person who can answer your questions.

As some of you may remember, TNT won the first OMHA Hometown Hockey award that gave us a $7,500 credit with the OMHA to purchase books, banners and clinics we held for coaches and trainers.  The credit has now been all used with the balance paying for the two clinics that we hosted early this season.  If a coach or trainer has to go out of town for certification or re-certification TNT will reimburse them 12 of the cost for the clinic if they volunteer in TNT for the year. Please submit your receipt for the clinic to the Treasurer.

The New Tecumseth Minor Hockey Association is a nonprofit Corporation. The by-laws are posted on the TNT website for anyone to read. The OMHA played an important role in helping us put the by-laws in place. You will find the voting procedures for the Board of Directors, the job description, the length of term of each position, the eligibility of each position, what positions are voted on and what positions are appointed by the Board of Directors. Please check out the Executive list on the website as you have some new Executive this season. We welcome them on to the Board of Directors.

I decided to write this letter to try and answer questions that are out there but no one wants to ask. I have never had a Facebook account but it was brought to my attention about some comments about TNT on some Facebook sites such as Madhunt. I have been involved since 1992 when my son was in Minor Novice. I have made some really good friends in New Tecumseth and all the places I have travelled for hockey. My family has been in Alliston since 1906 and we have always been a community minded family and this has been my way of giving back to my community. The smile on the children's faces and watching them grow up has been very enjoyable for me and my husband who is still coaching. It is very upsetting when you hear people question your motives or they think you are getting paid somehow for being on the Board. I have been very fortunate to work alongside some very dedicated, hardworking volunteers over the years. The Board works a lot of hours making sure everything is done so the players can play the best hockey they can.

TNT has earned a lot of respect from the OMHA and the centers we play in and the places our teams have travelled to play in tournaments, play offs or exhibition games. The Board receives many compliments every year about our teams for their sportsmanship, the level of play and the behavior of our teams while away.

Thank you to all our players, coaching staff, team volunteers, sponsors, parents and the Board of Directors for making TNT Tornados a great organization for all of New Tecumseth to be proud of. I cannot forget to mention the Alliston Hornets Jr C Hockey club for supporting and working well with TNT over the years.  They are a very successful team and have certainly given our young hockey players something to look up to!

If you have any questions or concerns please call, e-mail or send a letter to the TNT office or myself at and we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.

Donna Horan
President, TNT

TNT Minor Hockey

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