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Pro trail people need to speak up

to the editor,

Posted March 17, 2014

It is wonderful that the Town of New Tecumseth has finally taken steps to fill in the gap in the Trans Canada Trail that exists in our town.

I have ridden my horse over many miles of this trail - north and south of our town - for many years. While on the trail, I have seen hundreds of other people enjoying it - walking, running, cycling and parents pushing strollers.

Without exception, the people I have met on the trail have been very appreciative of the privilege of using it. They have all been very respectful of neighbouring properties.

Some concerns have recently been raised about the proposed route from the 9th Line to the 14th Line, mainly by farmers who work land adjacent to the trail. All along the Trans Canada Trail, across Canada and in particular in neighbouring municipalities, farmers are all able to work their land without interference or problems. The situation along the proposed route from the 9th to the 14th cannot be substantially different from those other farms.

One of the concerns is liability about spraying fields adjacent to the trail. I believe a farmer has a perfect right to do whatever he needs to do on his land, within legal limits of course. It would be possible to put up a sign saying that farmers occasionally spray toxic chemicals on land. If someone on the trail sees that happening, they can decide not to use the trail that day.

With the exception of the trail north of Cookstown, which is open to snowmobilers in winter, motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trail. I believe that would decrease the likelihood of vandalism.

Regarding cost, a great deal of money has been donated by the Trans Canada Trail group to establish this trail. The cost of maintaining the trail is, I believe, almost a non-issue when you consider how much taxpayer's money is spent on special interest groups like the South Simcoe Railway and the Gibson Cultural Centre.

There are probably a number of other issues or objections that can or will be raised, like insurance liability, emergency rescue and MDS laws. I can only state that hundreds of other municipalities across Canada, including all of our neighbouring municipalities, have successfully dealt with them all. I believe New Tecumseth should be able to do the same.

I believe the trail will be a huge asset to the town and will be used and appreciated by hundreds of people.

Rob Kirkpatrick

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