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'People need reminding about the safety factor'

to the editor,

Posted December 6, 2013

I would think people would be more concerned about safety than the noise factor of any particular issue.

I have lived in Beeton since 1975 and moved to Main Street back in l999. Since then, the number of trucks travelling County Rd 1, aka 'the new truck bypass,' has probably quadrupled.

Every other vehicle seems to be a transport truck, many owned by local companies who claim they abide by a 'gentleman's agreement' with the Town that they will not travel this road. Not the case.

I live by the steam train tracks and believe me, the noise factor here is probably worse than at the stop sign at Tecumseth and Main Street. They rumble over these tracks at speeds exceeding the speed limit, then when they don't know how to drive, they use their engine brakes to slow down, totally ignoring the signage to refrain from doing so. They honk at you when they think you are not going fast enough and they don't mind giving you the finger either.

People need reminding about the safety factor to pedestrians as well. A handicapped child lives in vicinity of the stop sign, as do elderly people some using scooters and a young woman who also uses a scooter and travels by that intersection everyday taking her children to school and picking them up.

At least with the 4-way stop, they have a better chance of crossing the road safely. So when you think there is too much noise, try thinking of other people.

Donna Knapp

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