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Lobby the Province to exempt minor sports fees from HST

Posted May 5, 2010

to the editor,

There was a justifiable appeal from arena user groups with respect to proposed hourly ice rate increases, but personally, I feel Council jumped the gun on getting off the starting line.

It had been proposed by Ward 5 councillor Jim Stone and seconded by Ward 2 councillor Dennis Egan that the Town should once again try appealing to Queen's Park for relief from this insidious burden of HST on our minor sports and recreation programs.

In essence, the two deputations were already prepared and budgeted for the Town's five per cent rate increase and the issue that they were looking for was Council to address the unfairness of the application of this additional eight per cent PST through the Ontario and Ottawa Government's desire to amalgamate their two sales taxes into the HST.

I would have preferred, as I suspect most of the members in the chamber last night, had Council received the deputations and instead of declaring a roll back of the ice time fees entirely, simply put a moratorium on the implementation of the five per cent increase.

Such a delaying tactic and in the time available that the TNT, the OMHA and municipal councils all across Ontario could petition Queen's Park through the auspices of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario to have this section of the HSTrolled back as it pertains to all manner of organized recreation for the kids.

Surely if Tim Hortons and their friends in the fastfood industry can get this group of Tax Grabbers to make allowance and exempt these quick food outlets sales upto the first $4 from HST then the ice hockey mums across Canada can lobby just as well as the Timmie store owners have.

The province can afford the loss of this revenue more than our Town can afford to pay for it by forgoing its already approved and accepted five per cent increase.

Gordon McInnes
Candidate for Ward 2 - Alliston
New Tecumseth

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