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Hike fees for street food vendors, and mobile peddlers

to the editor,

Posted January 15, 2014

While the increase in the marriage licence fee drew most conversation around the coffee clutches, had I attended the committee of council meeting Monday night  instead of watching the 20 minute theatre on TV, I would have wished to draw for separate discussion the Refreshment Vehicle Licence (annual) which remains at a token rate of $125 per year.
What should concerns us is the reality of the situation, which I think bares further consideration when we recognize that street vendors enjoy all of the same protections and services provided by both the Town police and local fire departments while we over-look the disproportionate costs of doing business of those of our downtown members of the respective BIAs have to pay.
This class of Licence / Permit  in such a neighbouring municipality as Wasaga Beach for a mobile food vendors' Licence is $500 annually, an additional $375 per year for a location outside of Canadian Tire (not a premium tourist beach location but just like the one located on Young Street in Alliston.)
I have picked this one item from schedule 'B', however, I would suggest that we could look at Hawkers and Peddlers Licence fee which covers the accommodation of a port-a-kabin trailer that slumps around the downtown area of Alliston for 30 days for the sale of fireworks for 30 consecutive days also for the handsome Licence Fee of $125, while their merchant neighbours bear the brunt of the costs of providing a large range of services and protection through their property taxes.
In conclusion, if we consider that New Tecumseth is noted as being one of the major centres of industry and employment within Simcoe County and that we enjoy a higher than average annual joint family income in the County, with lower property taxes than our three closest neighbouring municipalities as well as having higher debt through debentures and sadly depleted reserve funds, why on earth when Staff were doing their due diligence on this matter that their findings or recommendations were never part of the 2014 Budget workshops?

Gord McInnes

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