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'Consider who is paying for the Town's share' of trail

to the editor,

Posted March 18, 2014

Well again, Robert Kirkpatrick has some other items wrong in his letter to the editor. The Trans Canada Trail does not donate any money. The government of the day in Ottawa will allocate taxpayers hard earned tax dollars to complete this magnificent project.

So, the Town is going to make up their share out of development charges plus a contribution from our County's share of your hard earned tax dollars.

Just to put the cream on the cake I ask all of us to consider who is paying for the Town's share through those magical DCs.

When a young couple comes to Town attracted to New Tecumseth for many reasons and not just the home that they plan to buy, they are also making at least a contribution in the form of a 20 -25 year  mortgage to the trail.

That is right, the new homeowner has to pre-pay through their mortgages some $32,000 to $40,000 in DCs that are a hidden part of the purchase price. That is a hefty hunk of change they are responsible for before they even set up home in New Tecumseth and without even having a say in the matter.

While pondering this dilemma of the developers and maybe the Town Council, let us dwell on something Mr. Kirkpatrick has eluded to in terms of usage of the trail. Not the future use but the hundreds of the public that he sees sharing the trail as is. Well, if the trail is being used to such an extent why are the various levels of government doling out such amounts of taxpayers money to build something that appears to already be up and running without a further penny being used?

If the members of our Council while contemplating how to proceed (regardless of additional costs) were to possibly reflect on the other proposal, to be fleshed out shortly, following staff's maternity leave, the Seniors Policy, will Council see its way to funding the regular or annual requests that Council receive from its seniors regarding windrows and leaf collections as their priority before the building of a trail?

For the most part, our seniors will not find such a trail to be as accessible or health promoting as our younger upward mobile residents who are possibly not being burdened down with their mortgaged share of the trail's Development Charges.

One other item to be corrected is the constant need and suggestion for our Town to get on with completing their share of the TCT. One only has to log on to the TCT website and see how many other communities have not yet committed to this Jean Chretien legacy.

Gordon McInnes

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