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'Next council should be looking to pull in the reins'

to the editor,

Posted June 4, 2014

What is "not fair" is the fact that development charges (DCs) are calculated by those who do not necessarily have to pay for them.

Who gets to decide what hard and soft DCs are? How much of future homeowners line of credit do our consultants, directors of services (staff) and the bold but not always either informed town councillors, for that matter concerned, that ever increasing DCs will make their town most unattractive to new home buyers?

After all, as the mayor of Barrie admitted, both his surcharge as well as the DCs, all $38,000 in New Tecumseth's case and not including either the school board and the County's share of the same DC trough have to be paid by somebody, a sort of "nimby" scenario.

That brings up that monthly grab from the bank account by another 11 per cent to be added to the monthly bank deduction after taxes for the prospective buyer's mortgage to cover.

What this council has failed to do is to fairly consider what the new families that come looking to make their homes here in New Tecumseth really require or can afford in the way of soft DCs, or just  something simple that may well satisfy their family needs and not add to the burden of buying a new home.

For example, that they would probably not consider that it is necessary that we have to have  'one of the same' in every urban community.

The next council should be looking to pull in the reins when it comes to projecting how much of the new home owners in New Tecumseth can afford to pay in DCs, principally in matters relating to the soft infrastructures and in suggesting to passing onto them, part of the Town's own share of the costs of benefits to the community inherent in the DC formula.

That is an amount in the range of 15 - 27 per cent of the total costs of such DC infrastructure depending on the nature of the project to be supposedly borne by our property taxes.
If we follow the bouncing ball you will see that Barrie's concept, presented this week at council, will reduce the Town's future property tax and capital borrowing by by a magical  10.7 per cent over the same 25 year mortgage term.

That is to say that instead of the Town taking responsibility for its own share of the cost the developer gets to shuffle the Town's obligation on to the new homeowner.

God Bless 'em. Could be that this would be best describe such as the town councilors own ideal 'Ponzi scheme.'

Gord McInnes

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