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Proportional Representation could increase voter turnout

to the editor,

Posted June 19, 2014

Bob Young has a very scary perception of what can lie ahead of us if we continue to not exercise our right to vote.

Perhaps if we were to challenge the implied response by Charles Bryant that "elections are an illusion of choice," in that case, our elected representatives have given up their rights to represent us, and openly places our democracy in the hands of PMOs and the privy councils, much like the 17th. century, 'Star Chamber."

However, if we had the political will we could turn this situation around by tabling two pieces of legislation. First, whether you vote for the winner or another of the candidates, that your vote counts, dump the current first past the post winner in favour of a form of Proportional Representation.

Or, implement compulsory voting with the penalty for not voting being the suspension of your driving license or the age of majority card for the younger members of the new electorate, thereby losing their rights and privileges as far as going to either their favourite beer store or liquor outlet for a year.

Democracy and the act of exercising your vote, which may well include "none of the above" is what makes the difference between us and many of the nations around the globe.

Gord McInnes

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