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'The letter should be designed to incite a revolution'

to the editor,

Posted August 12, 2014

Tecumseth Pines versus landfill and our Town has no tools in its limited bag of tricks provided under the many layers of Municipal Affairs legislation available in order to bring to an end this mammoth miscarriage of justice and restore trust and confidence in our local municipal government process and to the residents of this community.

Council could sit around till the cows come home and they will never be able to adequately deal with what is a combination of both Queen's Park and Parliament Hill issue. Starting with the Federal oversight of the development of airstrips or airports this could not be described as totally ridiculous and well out of line in terms of their responsibility to the people and the environment.

Of course the total control of local municipal affairs where the hands of our elected councillors are tied and hamstrung has to be acknowledged as the reason why on both this subject but many others that impact how we wish to see our communities grow.

The course of action which was not proposed at this week's meeting of Council was direction to the Mayor as has occurred in many situations where he is asked, advised and directed to write a "letter to.."

In this particular case not just to whomever at these two higher levels of government but to all other municipalities across Ontario. In effect the letter should be designed to incite a revolution utilizing all possible lobby groups such as the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and their upcoming annual conference in Ottawa where members of the Ontario Cabinet will be in attendance.

No, such a tactic will not produce any overnight changes as to how a town like New Tecumseth can support, protect the rights of and address the concerns of its citizens. However, in the current dilemma our council being denuded of all possible remedies has no choice, the Courts having been ruled out as a natural remedy.

Where and how else can we and Town to seek justice and satisfaction in such matters?

The rules are broken and it is time to "fix" them democratically. We are tasked with looking for an immediate positive outcome for this disaster as well as to the long term with regards to the children and the generation of grandchildren to come.

This matter has not been well handled by our Councillors not looking or taking such action which at first glance would appear to be outside of their box or of a legal opinion but if we had recognized how ineffective our by-law on the issue of landfill and or airport runways, we could have already been well down the road of pursuing Queen's Park to addressing such a debacle.

Gord McInnes

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