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'The rest of Canada has worked out sensible trails'

to the editor,

Posted March 7, 2014

Due to the presence of dogs in my life and a love of the out of doors, I have walked many sections of the Trans Canada Trail in Ontario. Some days I encounter others, some days not.

I have also cycled on parts of the trail. When both cycling and walking, having the option of travelling a distance is a benefit. Going from the Ninth Line to the Tenth Line north of Beeton is a 30 minute walk for me. To be able to go further, away from the roads and in the beautiful countryside would be a benefit to me and my dogs, especially when cycling. It would also mean not driving to another area to buy gas and food there but staying in my local community and supporting my local businesses.

It was recently reported that our Canadian population is getting heavier and heavier. Obesity is a huge drain on our already stretched health care dollars. Having safe, signposted and contiguous trails would encourage local outdoor activity. It is certainly a cost effective means of exercising, needing only a good pair of shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather and possibly a bike to increase the heart rate even more. The cost once the trail is developed is also minimal to the local government.

Upon reviewing the official TransCanada Trail Ontario website,, many communities take pride in their trail system and being a part of this marvellous outdoor opportunity.  Uxbridge has developed a whole tourism attraction related to their trail systems through forests and fields. Uxbridge area is very much like New Tecumseth in an agricultural sense and they have fully embraced the trail system and have large signs promoting their many miles of trails within their area upon entering their area.

As to garbage, I pick up after others when out on the trails. The regulated areas have far less garbage as the users are aware of the privilege of access they are being granted. The unregulated, unsigned, unmaintained trails that exist "just because" in New Tecumseth are abused as the lack of caring in governance is reflected by the people "sneaking" into these areas as possibly they think no one is really watching.

Is Council going to allow a few individuals to stop this great opportunity for our community? I am offended to think that would be the case when the rest of Canada has worked out sensible trails in their regions that have become destinations in themselves.

Carolyn Milne

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