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'Public has the right and the responsibility to be heard'

to the editor,

Posted January 27, 2014

Thank you, Mr Lawrence, for your comments about the SMH ophthalmology situation. When I read the story in the local paper, I was equally taken aback by the comments attributed to the chair of the SMH board, John Swinden.

His arrogance lay not only in believing that the local folks do not have the knowledge to understand the complexities involved in making funding allocation decisions at SMH, but extends to the concept of transparency.

Yes, the people, tax payers, have the right to know how tax money is spent. Further, the chair of the board along with all the board members should be reminded that they have accepted to be the stewards of our hospital and this role does include open accountability.

If Dr Khan remains unsuccessful in obtaining continued financial and moral support for his surgical program at SMH, he is to be thanked for the work he has done to date and he should not be browbeaten by the chair of the board.

Dr Khan joined SMH in 2006 at the time when SMH was struggling to keep its obstetrics department open. In 2007, that board of directors resigned en masse, along with two senior administrators, and was replaced by a ministry appointed supervisor, Mark Rochon, until a new board was assembled. This is how SMH became the farm team for Southlake senior management.

The public has the right and the responsibility to be heard especially when the elected board of directors is perceived as not listening and not responding effectively. We should learn from history and not repeat it.

The mayor of New Tecumseth should also be held accountable for this public display at town council involving Dr Khan and Mr Swinden.
Mr Swinden owes an apology to the people served by Stevenson Memorial Hospital for impugning their intelligence and to Dr Khan for failing to recognize and appreciate his dedication to his patients and his profession.

Monique Moreau, MD, CCFP, FCFP

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