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'Right now our trails are isolated and are not advertised'

to the editor,

Posted March 7, 2014

While I agree that there are concerns and issues with connecting the trail through New Tecumseth and abutting farmers' fields, I have trouble understanding Charles Bryant's arguments about usage in his letter to the editor.

I don't believe for a second the notion that people in the area do not use our trails. The two trail systems near Beeton are used quite often and it is very rare to not see a vehicle outside of The Beattie Pinery Reserve or the trails between the 6th and 7th even in the early hours of a weekday morning.

To assume that no garbage means no people makes no sense. Most trails I have been on are for the most part clean as people in my experience are generally respective of the environment. A more telling sign of low usage would be over growth and foliage incursion along the trail. Something that is not prevalent in the South Simcoe Rail trail.

I don't know many hikers that buy supplies on a trail as most go to a store before they head out. The trail system would go through Tottenham and Beeton so there are ample opportunities to stop, eat and enjoy the town. The Nottawasaga Inn would also be a short jaunt and provide accommodation.

RE: Camping. It is not unfeasible to connect the trail (as it already is north and south of us) to campgrounds in our area. As for a "hardy" hiker, If one were hiking long distances, the space they could cover in a day would far extend beyond the trail system in the town so the argument that we need campgrounds to accommodate has no grounds in reality. Of course this also doesn't take into account bicycle riders as they can cover even more distances and would easily be able to find accommodation.

As it stands right now our trails are isolated and are not advertised to the outside world. The Trans Canada is one of the first trail maps someone will pull up and New Tecumseth should be on that map.

Steve Mrasek

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