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Taxpayers reach their limits

to the editor,

Posted December 4, 2013

And on and on it goes. Water, up 4.6 percent; New Tecumseth municipal taxes, an 8 percent proposed hike, and the subsequent 4.5 per cent actual increase when the County and Education taxes are factored in that is supposed to make us feel like they did us a favour. Hydro bills, 33 per cent more over the next three years.

Not to mention, disgraced ORNGE CEO Chris Mazza, and his over a million dollar payoff; Ontario Power Generation CEO Tom Mitchell, annual salary of $1.7 million plus (just imagine what his severance will be); three Senators (tip of the iceberg!), tens upon tens of thousands in phony expense claims; and of course, the Gas Plant fiasco, $1.1 billion, gone. Well, somebody's friends got rich, just not the average taxpayer.

These are only a small sampling of the hands that are constantly fishing around in our pockets. And for what? God help you when you really need a CT Scan; or suddenly find yourself out of work because utility, or payroll and business tax costs force your company out of business or out of province.

Or even if you are like most and get maybe a two per cent pay raise, which if lucky might  just buy a set of winter tires or a brake job.

I know we live in the best country in the world. Just being able to vent like this about the bozos running our institutions without fear of persecution is testament to that.

But enough already.

Jim Smith

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