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'Fine those freeloaders who don't vote'

to the editor,

Posted June 17, 2014

When one thinks of all the courageous people that have fought and died to enable us to live in such a free and great Country as Canada, we are struck by the fact that the majority of our citizens are hypocrites.

This became evident on June 12, when out of a population of around 13 million only about 49 per cent bothered to vote. The other 51 per cent benefit from our society and yet will not take the time to mark an X on a ballot.

What makes the results of the recent election even more disappointing and yes frightening, is the fact that the elected government represents only about 1.5 million people. Hitler came to power in the late thirties due to just such apathy. If you think this couldn't happen here, think again. There are some very radical groups in our midst.

In my opinion the solution is to impose a substantial fine on those freeloaders who don't vote.

Bob Young

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