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Township set to award contract to connect water systems in Loretto

Posted December 7, 2017

Adjala Tosorontio councillors will be asked Monday night to award a $218,621 contract to Dev Con Inc to connect the two water systems in Loretto.

The Township received $112,000 in government grants for the project, but only budgeted $186,000. When all the remaining components are factored in, the total project cost rises to $275,000, leaving a shortfall of $91,000, which is earmarked to be funded from water reserves.

The Loretto Heights water system (west of County Road 50) terminates approximately 80m west of County Road 50. Existing residence at the north corner of Simon Drive and County Road 50 is not currently served by municipal water. Part of the project will provide a
lateral service connection to the lot line to provide the future potential of municipal water
service to this residence. The WECA water system (east of County Road 50) terminates at the intersection of John Street and Eliza Street.

The watermain connection is one of the Township's top priorities. According to the report to council, it comes with several benefits including:
  • Connecting the two water systems provides redundancy and protection. The existing Loretto Heights water system is fed from a single well and is thus at significant risk. Indeed staff are of the opinion that it is only a matter of time before the MOECC orders redundancy. By connecting the two systems together, the "one system" will now be fed from 3 different wells.
  • By connecting the two systems, it may be possible to achieve increased capacity. The WECA water system is essentially at capacity in that additional development of any kind could likely not be accommodated. Providing connection from Loretto Heights may provide some incremental capacity to allow for development of a few more lots near the Evergreen Estates subdivision.
  • Extending the water main north along County Road 50, provides for future opportunities to provide water service to the Loretto Fire Hall and structures to the north.
  • This project will result in looping of the water mains in the area and the removal of 2 dead ends. As a result, there will be a minor reduction in maintenance requirements (flushing) and a possible improvement of water quality for those residents currently on the dead ends.
  • Extending the water system will provide for service potential to the resident at the northwest corner of the intersection of Simon Drive and County Road 50. Upon approval of the work, the resident will be so advised of the work and the potential to connect.
If council votes against awarding the contract, it risks losing the provincial and federal grant.

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