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Child killer McBride back in Manitoba prison for parole violation

Posted September 9, 2019

Wayne Sibbald McBride, formerly of Alliston, is back behind bars after reportedly breaching conditions of his parole attached to the life sentence he received for sexually abusing and killing his six-week old daughter in November 1985.

McBride, who was arrested and charged with first degree murder, pled guilty to second degree murder and was originally sentenced to life with no eligibility for parole for 12 years. The Crown appeal succeeded in raising that to 15 years.

Brenda Bondy, who was married to McBride and whose newborn child was the victim, told Free Press via email, she was alerted last week via a "victim portal" that a warrant was issued for his arrest because "his whereabouts were unknown." But he has since been apprehended.

"His day parole revoked and he has been returned to prison," according to Ms. Bondy. "This time to Stony Mountain (north of Winnipeg) where he was transferred from (for his safety) some years back."

McBride was first released on day parole in 2009 but reincarcerated in 2011 for committing sex crimes and drug offences, according to the public notice issued by RCMP as part of his release into Winnipeg last winter.

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