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Town to push marijuana production away from agricultural zones

Posted May 13, 2014

New Tecumseth will amend its zoning bylaw so that any proposed future medical marijuana production facilities will be located in industrial areas only.

As currently constituted, the zoning bylaw would permit such uses in 'Agriculture,' Urban Industrial (UM), Urban Light Industrial (ULM) and Rural Industrial (RM) Zones.

"In consideration of the release of the new Health Canada Regulations, the current definitions in the Town's Zoning By-law as noted above and the potential for unintended adverse impacts
Staff have identified two options for Council to consider to address Medical Marihuana Production Facilities in the Town," according to a planning staff report to council. One of the two options is "do-nothing."

Council has approved amending the agriculture definition to exclude Medical Marihuana Production Facilities.

"This Option would achieve the following objectives:

  • Eliminate the potential for a Medical Marihuana Production Facility from being established in a location that is not contemplated by Council, Staff and the public;
  • Provides clear direction to applicants when looking to establish a Medical Marihuana
  • Production Facility in the Town, similar to other uses as defined in the Zoning By-law; and,
  • Provides clear information to the public as to where this use is permitted/not permitted in the Town.

It should be noted that a Medical Marihuana Production Facility would be required to comply with all applicable zone provisions, and would be subject to Site Plan approval under this Option."

Part of the amendment process will include a mandatory public meeting.

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