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MTO nails overweight truck in Alliston

Posted April 8, 2014

The owner of a tractor trailer whose gravel load exceeded the weight limit on King Street (Cty Rd 15) by 26,000 kg, yesterday afternoon, was fined $8,125 by a Ministry of Transportation officer on patrol in the area.

MTO reported the officer pulled the truck over at approximately 4 pm, and using a portable scale, determined the overweight. King Street has a seasonal load restriction of five tonnes per axel. And, the Alliston Bridge, crossing the Boyne River, limits truck sizes to 17, 31, 43 tonnes.

The driver was also fined with disobey sign. The gravel was off-loaded, and the job was shut down.

The load restriction over the bridge was imposed by the County in November 2011.

"The biennial review of the bridge by the County determined that it has many deficiencies that include the cracking of the concrete as well as spalling of the curb, sidewalk and deck; deterioration of the barriers; water leakage through the deck and expansion joints; and corrosion/perforation of the girders. The existing barriers also do not comply with the current Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code," according to the County report.

Built in 1949, it's slated to be replaced over the next year at an estimated cost of $2 million. The proposed work includes:
  • Re-construction of County Road 15 to County standard 30.5m right-of-width with all widening to be taken from the west side of the corridor;
  • Construction of a 4.25m northbound lane, a 3.75m southbound lane & a 3.50m dedicated turn lane at each intersection;
  • Provision of a paved parking boulevard on the east side of the corridor between Heydon Avenue to Essa Road, adjacent the medium density residential units;
  • Construction of an urbanized cross-section on east side with curb/gutter;
  • Construction of a rural cross-section on the west side with ditch drainage;
  • Provision for cyclists through either a dedicated bicycle lane or 'share the road' signage; and
  • Increased width of bridge deck and the north bound lane to provide for cyclists.

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