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Abandoned Tottenham heritage house to burn for training exercise

Posted February 28, 2018

New Tecumseth Fire Rescue will conduct a live-training exercise this Saturday involving the demolition, by fire, of the 168-year-old Nolan House located in the Tottenham Conservation Area.

The Nolan House, built circa 1850, is designated a New Tecumseth Heritage House. It is "significant because of the location (an early milling site) and its association with a founder of the village of Tottenham," according to the Town's Heritage House listing. However, in recent years it has been abandoned and been dilapidated by neglect.

It was one of several properties council approved for demolition in the 2017 budget. While the others were torn down, this one will burn.

"The exercises are designed for different fire attack techniques that have been nationally researched, and are seen to be best practices in certain fire situations that New Tecumseth Fire Rescue staff will be practicing," according to the Town's notice. "Please avoid the area for the day as a cordoned area will be in place during the training exercises as a safety precaution.
Other local emergency services have also been made aware of the training taking place on the day."

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