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Cappuccitti/Mattamy development plan remains outside looking in

Posted August 4, 2016

Simcoe County's Official Plan, first approved in 2008,then immediately appealed by multiple parties, to the OMB, has been ordered completed, save for 12 outstanding site specific, unresolved appeals, including the Ontario Potato Distributing Inc (OPDI) Cappuccitti/Mattamy proposed 15,000 residential unit development sprawled across 3,000 acres between Alliston and Beeton.

"The status of the County's OMB appeal is outstanding, meaning it is not yet resolved and is being held in abeyance by agreement of both parties," said David Parks, Director of Planning, Development and Tourism, via email to Free Press Online. "The lands under appeal lie outside the Community Settlement Area of Alliston. The appeal can be brought forward by either party by request to the OMB. No further appeal is necessary to bring this matter before the OMB."

Since the OMB pre-hearings started in earnest in 2013, sections of the County's OP were approved as deals were reached between the sides affected. In June, the OMB approved the remaining outstanding matters including Greenlands designation and Natural Heritage policies (Section 3.8), the Resource Conservation policies (Section 4.5), the Local Municipal Official Plans policies (Section 4.10) and Implementation policies (Section 4.11). As well the Land Use Designations map - as noted, except for the 12 unresolved appeals.

Pictured below, Simcoe County's Official Plan land use designations as approved by the OMB. Lower tier plans, including New Tecumseth's OP, are required to conform.

The OPDI proposed development site is bounded by the Nottawasaga River to the north, Bailey Creek to the south, Tottenham Road to the west, and 10 Sideroad to the east. The total plan is to cover approximately 3,000 acres, of which the Cappuccitti family owned about half at the time it was first presented in 2003. It was to include: open spaces, public places, walking and biking trails, ponds, parkettes, woodlots, river views and vistas, school sites, civic centre, commercial core, new 50 acre hospital site, and satellite college campus. But it's outside the settlement area and that's now at the core of the appeal.

When it was presented again to New Tecumseth council in August 2005, it was to be multi-phased and to commence in 2010 with 1,000 to 1,200 units then grow in increments over a 15-20 year horizon. It would have added approximately 45,000 people to the community by 2031.

Under today's updated provincial planning policies, only a municipality can initiate expansion of a settlement area. But because this proposal pre-dates those changes, it is a grandfathered provision in an appeal. Though still deemed premature. Water and sewage treatment capacity are not available currently to service such magnitude of growth. The proponents were/are pushing the notion of building a pipeline that would transfer treated effluent into Georgian Bay.

New Tecumseth, as well the 15 other lower tier member municipalities in Simcoe County, have to bring their official plans into conformity with the upper tier's OP.

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