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Osmond out, 'consulting and contract folks' to support Parks and Rec in interim

Posted June 4, 2014

Ray Osmond's tenure as New Tecumseth's Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture is over, believed to have been confirmed during an in camera meeting Monday night.

The recommendation from Committee of the Whole Closed Session Meeting was "that the confidential verbal report of the CAO be received and that the confidential direction to staff received therein be approved...and at the Special Council Meeting, the Committee of the Whole Closed Session report be approved and the recommendations therein be adopted."

A notice circulated to Town personnel signed by CAO Terri Caron, obtained by Free Press Online, explains that "effective today, Ray Osmond has left the employ of the Town."

"He has done a lot of work to move parks, recreation and culture forward in the Town of New Tecumseth and his efforts are very much appreciated," writes Ms. Caron. "I know we all wish him well and much success in all of his future endeavours."

Mr. Osmond joined the Town in November 2010, relocating to New Tecumseth from Mt Pearl, Nfld. where he held a similar post. He took over from Joyce Epstein.

"This means that we will be recruiting for a Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture," continues Ms. Caron, who's retiring from her position at the end of August. "In the interim period, I will make myself available to help and I will be bringing in some additional resources in the form of consulting and contract folks to provide all the support I can to your two Senior Supervisors as they work together to undertake the work of the department.

I want to thank everyone of you for your strong commitment to the Town and our residents. I appreciate your support, positive outlook and assistance as we undergo change and I know that I can count on everyone in the Parks, Recreation and Culture department to pull together to ensure our residents are not impacted through the recruitment process. You do good work!"

Mr. Osmond's exit is the latest from the senior administrative staff since last December - Clerk, Director of Planning, and CAO, (the Director of Human Resources is on a medical leave).

At this post, no further details were confirmed.

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