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Out of riding donors dominate Simcoe-Grey Conservative ledger

Posted July 31, 2014

The Simcoe-Grey Conservative Association (SGCA) collected $91,478 in contributions in 2013, and including transfers and fundraising activities, posted $110,403 in revenues, according to recently published annual financial returns of the country's riding associations.

However, that was offset by $118,350 in expenses, including $83,437 for what were described only as "other (bad debts, conventions, etc)" leaving a net loss of $7,947 in 2013. A carryover from the previous year including cash and equivalents of $70,462, kept the association in the black with $87,344.

Simcoe-Grey is represented federally by Conservative Kellie Leitch.

The SGCA listed 234 contributors in 2013 who donated $200 or more (those under that amount do not have to be named). Only 49 of the 234 contributions posted were from individuals who lived in Simcoe-Grey. The rest were mainly from Toronto and the GTA.

Contributions to political parties, which are limited to $1,200 per person, enjoy some of the highest tax credits. The credit on the first $400 is 75 per cent; $400 to $750 is a further 50 per cent; and 33.1/3 per cent up on the top end. Donating to charitable causes, generally, the federal credit is 15 per cent on the first $200 of donations claimed in the year and 29 per cent on the amount in excess of $200.

The SGCA far outpaced the other four riding associations, with the Liberals a distant second, collecting $10,909 in 2013. They listed 23 contributions of over $200, and all but two were from within the riding.

The CHP listed $780 in donations, while the Green Party and NDP showed only transfers from the Party as revenue.

Provincially, the Simcoe-Grey PC Party Constituency Association received $35,151 in contributions, and in total, posted revenues of $58,145 in total income for 2013, with expenses of $25,488.

The Liberals in Simcoe-Grey collected $4,085 in donations, and showed total income of $9,812 and expenses of $6,678.

The NDP association received only $100 in contributions, and as in 2012, ended the year in deficit of $3,933.

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