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Trail to veer off rail corridor for road side jaunt along 10 SR

Posted September 12, 2017

New Tecumseth councillors approved shifting a section of the Trans Canada Trail away from the abandoned rail corridor (ARC) and onto the road way between the 10th and 11th Lines along the east shoulder of 10 SR.

The detour is to appease WD Potato's concerns related to the trail traversing the publicly owned ARC that cuts through its property. WD also opposed the trail cutting across its frontage. Currently the trail ends at 10th Line then picks up again on the arc just south of the 11th.

Council's approval means trail users will be required to cross 10 SR to access the proposed two metre paved shoulder.

WD's concerns are related to food safety and its impact on contracts with its suppliers. One of its employees, representing the owner, told councillors that using the ARC would trigger legal action on their part against the Town. Only Ward 7 councillor Shira Harrison McIntyre opposed detouring off the ARC.

The approved alignment will tie into the two metre pedestrian allowance which has been incorporated into the upgrades to the Deadman's bridge on 10 SR. Last month councillors approved a pedestrian bridge crossing over the Beeton Creek at 9th Line.

Additionally, council approved parking areas at the 11th and 13th Line intersections. These will now go to tender.

The next key component is the portion between Beeton and Tottenham, which "staff have initiated the process to assess alignment options, mitigation requirements with adjacent landowners (including South Simcoe Railway), costs associated with each option..."

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