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Atom AA's tame Colts and Tigers

Posted December 18, 2013

On Sun., Dec. 15, the TNT Atom AA Tornados, sponsored by Ken Beattie Ltd., travelled north to meet their arch rival Barrie Colts. These rivals have met three previous times with the Colts victorious in the first two of those outings.

TNT's young whirlwinds got the best of Barrie the last time they met, and The Mighty Colts were out to prove that win was an anomaly. The Colts were fired up and ready to go but hadn't counted on the young Tornados operating at full strength and capacity.

During the 1st period both these opponents were sizing each other up, although the young dervishes kept the play in the Colts' end, they were unable to open up the scoring.

As the 2nd period began, the young cyclones began to bear down on the Colts. At 6:38, Kyler MacNeil walked in from the corner of the Barrie net and rifled a shot past the Barrie backstop and underneath the crossbar to open up the scoring, 1-0. With the period winding down, Graysen Alexander, using the lightning speed that he has become known for, barrelled up the right side and fired a shot at the net, depositing the puck behind the Barrie goalie, 2-0.

In the 3rd period, TNT continued to dominate the game, and at 10:40, Troy Swackhamer fired a pass to Kyler MacNeil, who dropped it back to Colin Ewing at the point, who found the back of Barrie's net to make it 3-0.

MacNeil and Ewing would hook up again at 9:34, this time with Mitchell Smilsky who was in perfect position in front of the Colts' net where he jammed home the puck to make it 4-0.

Try as they might, the Colts were unable to get themselves back in the game, and with time ticking down, MacNeil, Smilsky and Michael Mezaros would seal their fate. With Barrie on a 3 on 2 situation, Smilsky fired a quick pass to MacNeil, who then found Mezaros' stick, who then put the puck into Barrie's net, to make the final score 5-0.

Scott Barnett earned another shutout.

On Sat., Dec. 14, TNT once again played host to the ferocious Aurora Tigers. During their last two meetings the Tigers have come very close but have yet to beat the hometown young twisters.

As the puck dropped in the beginning of the first, you could see that the Aurora players had the 'eye of the tiger' and they were determined to be victorious over the Tornados and to take the wind out of them once and for all but neither side could find the net.

Aurora dominted the play during the first two periods, firing a barrage of shots at Scott Barnett who turned them all away, leaving the Tigers frustrated and empty. Barnett was on his game and with his cat-like reflexes and acrobatics, was able to snatch any hope of a victory from the visitors.

Much to their credit, the Tigers kept the pressure on and had the whirling dervishes spinning in their tracks. It was only the solid play of Barnett, between the pipes that prevented the Tigers from turning the mighty Tornados into nothing more than a gentle breeze. The game remained scoreless after two.

Finally in the third period, the Tornados seemed to pick up speed and the formidabe line of MacNeil, Smilsky and Mezaros struck first beginning with the faceoff win. Mezaros then made a quick pass to MacNeil, who again found Smilsky at the net and in position to break the scoring deadlock and give TNT the 1-0 lead.

Not to be outdone by his teammates, at 12:12 in the 3rd period, Caleb Thompson found himself heading into Tiger territory, alone. With his lightning speed and tenacity, Thompson out maneuvered the Aurora players and then quickly deposited the puck in the back of the net to double the score, 2-0.

The Tigers were not going to go down without a fight and late in the 3rd, they roared back and found the back of Barnett's net to make it 2-1. The Tigers could taste victory. Barnett however was unshaken and quickly got back into form, turning away the charging tigers to preserve TNT's win to stay perfect against Aurora.