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Pair of subdivisions on public meeting docket tonight

Posted April 9, 2014

Two zoning bylaw amendment applications are the topic of public meetings tonight at 7 pm, including "red line revisions" to the Treetops (Belterra) development whose requested changes would reduce the total number of residential units from 1,868 to 1,857, while at the same time, reshuffling the draft plan approved housing mix.


Additionally, site specific relief (as set out in the chart below) is being sought that would reduce interior side yard setbacks for single detached and townhouse dwellings; reduces front yard landscape open space for single detached and townhouse dwellings; reduces the minimum lot frontage for an exterior townhouse dwelling;  Increase the maximum driveway width for townhouse dwellings; and, removes a holding zone on Phase 2 lands.


In his report to council, Adam Lucas, Senior Planner, notes in the "preliminary comments" that two items have been identified to be reviewed in "greater detail" including "receipt of satisfaction comments of all agency concerns; and detailed analysis of the zone standards proposed."

The second matter on tonight's agenda is a request from LRG Tottenham Inc. (Deer Springs) to erect a temporary sales office on the northeast corner of Tottenham Road and (future) Stych Street.

The LRG's  residential subdivision comprises a land area of 38.69 hectares (95.60 acres) south of Brown Street to the north side of 3rd Line, and east of Tottenham Road. The CP Rail line bounds the lands to the east. It includes:
- 213 Single detached dwellings;
- 228 units for semi-detached dwellings;
- 41 units for street townhouses;
- 104 units for high density residential;
- Nine blocks for future streets and related reserves and widenings;
- Berm and acoustical fence;
- Park;
- School site ;
- Storm water retention facility;
- Church;
- Commercial uses.

The proposed sales office would remain in the same location throughout the various phases of build-out.

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