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New ambulance station in Alliston triggers costly changes for Walton lands

Posted March 5, 2014

The planning process for Walton's proposed industrial subdivision in Alliston has turned on storm water, costing the Alberta based group an undisclosed amount of money to buy property immediately south of its Industrial Parkway parcels, only to dedicate back to New Tecumseth for a storm water pond.

In May 2012, Walton received draft plan of subdivision approval to create 12 industrial lots, one block for stormwater management, three road widening blocks, and an internal network, on 153.9 acres of land along the south side of Industrial Parkway east of Church Street South. Drainage was originally to flow northerly through Honda Canada's lands, and outlet to the Nottawasaga River.

"Based on detailed geotechnical information, it was later realized that the ground water level was higher than originally documented on the subject lands," according to the Town's planning report recommending the red line revisions to the draft plan. "As a result, there was a potential for the storm water flows from the draft plan to flood the adjacent Honda Canada Lands. In order to avoid the potential flooding, the applicant proposed that a mechanical pump system be installed to bypass the Honda Canada Lands. The Town's Engineering Department reviewed the proposal and did not support the proposed solution from a maintenance and cost perspective."

Instead, Walton was asked to explore drainage to the south. Enter Robert and Anita Plets, who own the neighouring land. The reported noted the Plets "were not interested in providing an easement of approximately 3 acres for an outlet and would only sell a
portion of their land. Further, the purchase price for the land was substantially more than that of an easement."

A deal was reached between Walton and the Plets, for a 22 ha (54.36 acres) parcel from a 49.52 ha (122.37 acre) which will hold the stormwater pond. Other revisions to the draft plan include alignment of the easterly road allowance to match Honda's entrance on the north side of Industrial Parkway.

As for the paramedic station, the land deal closed November 28th on a 1.58 acre site just west of Simcoe Parts' warehouse at a cost, including legal of $625,000. Its construction is pegged at $1.5 million and expected to start in the spring.

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